9 Jan 2012

New for 2012: Forrest Gump Limited Edition Print

(Clicking to enlarge is highly recommended!)

A poster always looks its best with a
classic black frame and white mount combo!

So 2011 was crazy for me and ended on a huge high as got married, went on honeymoon, moved house and celebrated Christmas all in the same month! Apparently its 2012 already and I've realised it's been a while since my last poster release but I am glad to reveal my latest design... based on the classic movie... Forrest Gump!!!

Released in 1994, Forrest Gump is an iconic piece of storytelling that is just as good today as it was 18 years ago. 
After watching it recently it dawned on my how varied Forrest's life was. He had more jobs than I've had hot dinners and I knew there was a poster in there somewhere, the problem was figuring out an idea to bring it all together.

Eventually it seemed obvious... Forrest was an exceptional guy with a fine array of talents and the best thing is, they all begin with the letter 'F'! Who could forget Forrest the football player who couldn't stop running or the famous moment that Forrest flashes his buttocks at the white house. So here it is for all to see, 'The Finest Features of Forrest Gump' available as a 24 x18" limited edition print run of 50, all signed and numbered. As always, once this batch has gone, thats it, there will

EDIT: The Forrest Gump poster is now sold out, thanks to all who managed to nab one!


  1. Forrest Gump was a funny guy, and to celebrate the BAFTA's Ive decided to give 1 print away for free!
    (After all, Forrest Gump did win 1 Bafta and was nominated for 7 others in 1995!)

    All you have to do is leave a comment below with the best joke you have (keep it clean and dont forget to leave a contact name or email address)

  2. Awesome poster Dave. Great work. ummm now for a joke...

    Knock Knock!
    Who's there?
    Ken who?
    Ken I come in, it's freezing out here?


    Cheers Tom :)

  3. A boy was bagging groceries at a supermarket. One day the store installed a machine for squeezing fresh orange juice. Intrigued, the young man asked if he could be allowed to work the machine, but his request was denied.
    Said the store manager, "Sorry, kid, but baggers can't be juicers."

    Sorry, it's the best I got!

    Love the poster!

    1. Well done Mr Geek, you are in fact the winner! This was more down to a random selection than a good joke coz that sucked! ;) Email me with your address and Ill get it in the post to you asap.

  4. A magician was driving down the road... then he turned into a drive way...

  5. Son - "Dad whats the difference between confident and confidential?"
    Dad - "Hmm. You are my son. Of that I am confident. Your friend Timmy is also my son. That's confidential."


  6. One Sunday, a man volunteers to play the Church bells using only his teeth. He does so and it is beautiful. But then he vanishes.

    The vicar asks, "does anyone know who that man was?"

    Someone replies "I'm not sure but his face rings a bell"

    And match.

  7. Just a few enteries from the facebook fan page too so you guys can see the competition...

    Daniel 'Smegg' Smales

    Q. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
    A. Frostbite.

    Deirdre Savage

    How does Bob Marley likes his doughnuts?
    With Jammin'

    Estefania Rodriguez ‎

    "Knock knock!"
    -Who's there?
    -Daisy who?
    -Daisy me rollin' they hatin!

  8. A football one for you on this fine valentines day Dave!

    Liverpool are red, chelsea are blue, torres cost 50mil and has only scored 2...

    Whoooooo!!! Thanks send it to My address ill DM you it :)

  9. Two fish swim into a concrete wall.
    One turns to the other and says "dam..."


    Two aerials meet on a roof, fall in love and get married.
    The ceremony wasn't much but the reception was brilliant.

    I Thank You! I'm here all week, don't forget to tip your waitress! Badum Tsh!

  10. Nice print Bro " Mama always said, drawing was a part of life. I'm glad it is.

  11. A little boy and his dad take a walk in a port.
    The boy shouts out: "Daddy, look at the bird!"
    "This is not a simple bird it's a seagull",
    "Oh! Daddy look at the big boat here!"
    "It's called a yacht", the dad answers.
    "Daddy, how do you spell it?" the boy asks, puzzled...
    "Well, indeed you were right, this is a boat".


  12. Barack Obama is the president of America.

    ---cant top that joke

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  15. The one with Gump in China as a ping pong player with the squinty eyes is um...highly questionable.

  16. Thanks for that comment Anon, just to be clear, the illustration of Forrest playing table tennis is based on the cardboard cut out that he is given in the movie (you can see it here... http://bit.ly/HtY0om)

    It is in no way a reference to the Chinese, hopefully that clears up any misunderstanding.