9 Nov 2010

Liverpool v Chelsea Infographic

To celebrate Liverpool's excellent victory over Chelsea last Sunday afternoon I have put together this A3 infographic. Inspired by Feltrons infographical annual reports I decided that I would design a similar piece of work that highlighted some of the key details from Sundays game. 

I am not a fan of reading boring match reports written in blocks of text, Im more of a visual learner. So to see things represented graphically really helps me get a grasp of the statistics from the match and the overall coverage of red and blue on the page gives you a quick snapshot of how the game was balanced. Click the image to see the big version (recommended).


  1. Loving this Dave.
    Be great to see one for the 3-1 United fixture!

  2. Love this, Dave and concur with the Man Utd. idea......hell, it'd be great if you could do this for some of the older classic games, like the 2005 Champions League final.

    Also liking the Thor effort, and looking forward to your take on Captain America :)